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Long term life style

Some people who select weight loss surgery may be under the impression that it will cure their obesity suddenly, improve their relationships and solve all of their problems. Weight loss surgery is not a magic bullet for what is wrong with your life, it is a good trigger to help jumpstart your weight loss journey.

Preparing yourself for some of the psychological difficulties that may arise as you begin to adjust to your new body and your new life may help you manage some of the physical and mental ups and downs that will occur along the way.

There are several long-term habits that you should adopt to get the most out of your surgery. The first post-operative year is a critical time that must be dedicated to changing old behaviors and forming new, lifelong habits. Lack of exercise, poorly balanced meals, grazing or snacking, and drinking carbonated drinks are frequent causes of not achieving or maintaining weight loss.

To maintain a healthy weight and to prevent weight gain, you must develop and keep healthy eating habits. A remarkable effect of weight loss surgery is the progressive change in attitudes towards eating. Patients begin to eat to live; they no longer live to eat. Exercise and the support of others are extremely important to help you lose weight and maintain that loss following weight loss surgery.